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Game Name Ghostbusters Frankie Stein
Category Dressup Games
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Game Details :
WHO YA GONNA CALL? FRANKIE STEIN! It is not every day that there are ghosts at Monster High! Oh, wait, yes it is. But, paranormally, there are not trespassing ghosts who zip around the howlways and classrooms leaving a trail of... ewww... slime! Clawdeen found the little green slimer in her locker next to her ruined shoes. Then Ghoulia spied him wreaking havoc on the computer lab. Draculaura tried to catch him, but have you ever tried to fly when you have got slime on your wings? And Cleo - let's just say she took one look at the mess and felt royally ill. So supernaturally, they called Frankie! She's a ghoul who does not mind lending a hand - sometimes literally - and a little ectoplasm dripping off her stitches is not going to spoil her school spirit. Frankie got to work! She strapped on a proton pack and fired neutralizing particles like a pro.
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